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The Council on Intelligence Issues prepares or provides access to articles, books, and other publications of note to enhance the public's understanding, and that of intelligence officers seeking information or assistance.  


Representative Activities


The CII has addressed topics such as: 


  • Liability of employees and availability of legal representation on matters relating to employment supporting clandestine intelligence operations. 


  • Issues raised by proposed legislation and other congressional and judicial actions affecting government employees and intelligence employees in particular.


  • Review and critique of congressional reports and CIA responses regarding the conduct of controversial counterterrorism programs.


  • Analysis of the issues Congress should consider in voting to confirm the director of the CIA.


The Council also both sponsored and participated in panels, seminars, or presentations to increase the public's awareness of intelligence and other national security issues and the challenges and risks facing CIA and other intelligence employees:


  • Co-sponsored panel of experts in Washington and New York in conjunction with the American Bar Association on "The Law of Counterterrorism" to address the legal framework and liability of CIA and other intelligence employees and those supporting them.


  • Lectured at the International Spy Museum on Russian active measures.


  • Delivered numerous presentations at major universities concerning intelligence community authorities, issues, and challenges; authority and responsibility for protecting classified information and proposals to address leaks; intelligence challenges in the Mid-East and risks facing intelligence officers; post-election implications for national security and intelligence challenges.


  • Participated in panel discussion at major university about U.S. covert action authorities, liability, immunity of employees.

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The Council on Intelligence Issues (CII) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2010 to educate intelligence personnel and the public about important intelligence and other national security interests.  CII helps current and former officers, employees, and families of the CIA and other intelligence community agencies who may need legal counseling or other assistance in connection with their intelligence service.

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