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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."






The Council on Intelligence Issues (CII) strives to be an objective voice that educates the public and fosters support for the mission, principles, and values of intelligence officers through responsible and informed exchanges of information relating to U.S. intelligence capabilities, challenges, and risks.


CII's Educational Focus Includes



Sponsorship or production of research and provision of access to informational materials to provide expert analysis of current intelligence and other national security issues as well as guidance to assist intelligence officers with questions relating to work-related issues. 


Speaking, Panels, Other Events

Participation in or sponsorship of symposia, conferences, roundtable discussions, and other events at colleges, universities, business, government, and other venues.


Expert Networks

Support to requests for access to CII's network of speakers, authors, and other experts who would be interested in enhancing the public's awareness of intelligence and national security by writing or speaking at colleges, universities, and other institutions.


CII and other publications are accessible via this website, which furthers CII’s objectives to:


  • Foster public awareness and discussion of intelligence-related issues through development of or support for the preparation of articles, columns (including “Op-Eds”), commentary and other publications, as well as through intern programs and work with academic and other private institutions;


  • Highlight the legal and other risks facing CIA and other intelligence community employees, whether arising out of their employment or otherwise.



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The Council on Intelligence Issues (CII) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2010 to educate intelligence personnel and the public about important intelligence and other national security interests.  CII helps current and former officers, employees, and families of the CIA and other intelligence community agencies who may need legal counseling or other assistance in connection with their intelligence service.

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